Technology Success Provider


SAHAKA is a Long Island based company specializing in network, computer, and security management. Make sure your business is safe and securely managed using our local and remote services.


We are your
Technology Success Partner
for your growing business.

It’s hard to focus on your business’ security and computing needs while also trying to grow and manage the business itself, so let us become a true partner to your business and work to help you grow. We don’t want to just be another IT vendor, we want to be a part of the family.  

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Managed Services & Support

Whether you have no IT department, or one that needs extra support, our managed service offerings enhance your technical investments through targeted, proactive, standards-driven approaches. 

24/7 Monitoring

Monitoring for a fraction of the cost of in-house IT Staff. 24/7 monitoring reduces the potential for downtime. Continuous optimization and updates for increased performance.

Managed Security

Our Security Operations Center makes it a priority to protect your network and endpoints 24/7.

Server, Desktop & Network Management

Rest assured that your business's technology is proactively maintained for optimal utilization - at a predictable monthly rate.

Cyber Security Training

Employees are more than just a vulnerability; they're a hero-in-training that just hasn't found their superpower. Phishing simulations and bite-sized, gamified training lets us build a super-human firewall.

End User Support

Your employees' productivity is critical, so we will communicate with each one directly to address any and all issues while working to improve their experience.

Email Security

Email Encryption provides a safe and secure method of sending sensitive data. Threat protection stops spam, viruses, and phishing from reaching your employees.


How we work

Technology continues to evolve and our dependency on technology is increasing at an exponential rate. Unfortunately for all the benefits technology brings to our business it also increases our risk. Ensuring you have a resilient technical environment takes expertise and the appropriate level of oversight. Typically hiring a in-house local IT staff would be prohibitive from a cost perspective and would limit the level of expertise.

Our support model involves baking resiliency into your environment. Taking a risk based approach in planning up front to mitigate the impacts during a disaster or crisis, to reduce “fires”, enabling your business to operate, taking what could have been bigger problems and making them less of an impact on your business.



Listen & Observe

We need to know your company so we start by listening to your pain points with technology and learning what you need to help your business succeed.


Develop Solutions

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your business, we work together to develop a custom solution built from best practices and new equipment to eliminate IT roadblocks impacting your growth.



In the first phase we work to build up your environment to our minimum IT standards.
Next we transition to a maintenance phase to handle all your IT needs for a predictable monthly fee.
Finally, we continue to work with you to improve your technology investments to keep your business running efficiently.

We preemptively check patches and updates to make sure your business will not be hindered by an incompatibility.

Our remote management software makes it possible for us to fix problems without interrupting your workflow.

Through the means of training, encryption, and more tools we make sure your business and your business' data is safe from threats.

Not only do we verify and maintain your computers and servers, we offer similar management options for the network side, meaning we are your comprehensive solution for all IT needs.

Services that Work Together

The services we offer complement each other perfectly, providing you with a comprehensive solution that offers preventative maintenance, training, and fixes for when problems do arise.

Our Partners

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